Fundraising and Events


Pathways is manning a water stop at Les Quennevais Cycle Track on Sunday 3rd October for all the marathon runners. Come along and cheer them on. 


This year we have raised money for the Teenage Cancer Trust Jersey Appeal by doing the Tallulah 100. 


Tallulah was a member of Pathways and we wanted to let her know that we were thinking about her. We decided to do 100 laps around Les Quennevais Cycle Track and be sponsored for each lap. 


We had great fun either walking, running, cycling or scooting around the track. All of our groups were involved together with family and friends and we raised the massive total of £4,511.29 and completed more than 1000 laps. A huge achievement by all. 


Tallulah, although still in Southampton Hospital, is making good progress and we hope to see her very soon.


Pathways took part in the Jersey Lions Swimarathon on Sunday 4th July. 


We had 5 teams taking part: Pathways Piranhas, Pathways Paddlers, Pathwats Porpoises, Pathways Platypus and Pathways Penguins. 


We look forward to taking part in the event next year. 

More volunteers

We are currently looking to create a bank of adult volunteers who would be willing to assist with our adult/child ratios at holiday club. Please let us know if you would be interested. 

Get involved!

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