becoming a Leader

Have you ever though of yourself as a leader? 

Come and 'have a go' at leading at our Holiday Clubs. 


Leadership begins when a young person has made the transition to Secondary School. An orange t-shirt is worn during Holiday Clubs to inform the adults that the young person is only at the beginning of their leadership journey. It's hard work but an awful lot of fun being within a team of young people who are all at different stages of leadership. 



Once a young person is in Year 9 they qualify for a purple t-shirt. 

  • The young person is given more responsibility and leads a small group together with a team of other young leaders. 
  • They become responsible for their group and choose the games played, giving them autonomy. 
  • They learn to delegate and give responsibility to others in their group, working on the individual strengths of the team. 
  • They commit to being punctual, committed and encouraged to use their initiative. 
  • They can also help to lead other leadership sessions and gain hours of service for The Lions Service Award or Duke of Edinburgh. 


A green t-shirt is a young person who has organised and planned the Holiday Club. 

  • They have chosen the film and found crafts and activities suitable for the young children attending. 
  • They run the Holiday Clib by taking overall responsibility of keeping the teams to the planned timetable.
  • They learn to project their voice, delegate the tasks and talk through any areas of conflict with the children or young people. 
  • They realise they have to set themselves apart from their frends and learn not to have any favourites. 

Much confidence if gained throughout the time. Positive feedback is given at the end of the day by all the leaders.

More volunteers

We are currently looking to create a bank of adult volunteers who would be willing to assist with our adult/child ratios at holiday club. Please let us know if you would be interested. 

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